My goal is to teach and learn about Mother Nature and living a natural life filled with miracles and love. Through Avadem I hope to inspire you, move you. Going natural has given me so much already, it's a healing path. Being a child of Mother Nature to me, is taking care of your body and soul with everything she has given us and being humble and gentle to her. For example, taking care of your energy and chakras with her crystals or nourishing your body with unprocessed food and natural skincare. Using powerful essential oils of her healing herbs and plants to take care of your ailments. And even recharching yourself with her energy by taking a walk in the forest or sitting in meditation and connecting. The 5 themes of Avadem will help you to take care of yourself in a pure and natural way, as they do for me every day, and I dearly hope they can serve you!


Who am I? My name is Anouk van der Meij (Avadem is my full name in short). I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands with a large crystal collection and a flock of guinea-pigs. It all started in 2012 when I graduated from the School of Arts in Utrecht with a degree in Fashion Design. After that I followed a couple of studies in Crystaltherapy, HSP Coaching and I started doing Reiki. My fascination for crystals, energy, oils and meditation brought Avadem to another level. I even had a small Crystaltherapy practice at home for a while, but I had to stop everything because of my health. End 2016 I was all burned out, emotionally and physically and found myself at the beginning of an auto-immune disease. The path to a more balanced and natural life began. This period in my life taught me about food as medicine and I learned to eat gluten-, dairy-, soy- and sugar free. I learned about the miracles of Mother Nature and her love and light, her guidance. It saved me, again and again. I wanted to give my body a chance to heal, and this was the starting point to a new life. My eating pattern became healthier, more varied and tastier than ever before! I'm loving it and so does my body.

I truly believe that Mother Nature gives us all we need to heal, grow and blossom! Learning and trying to implement the 5 themes of Avadem in my life, finding the connection with Mother Nature, helps me to grow as I hope they will do for you by sharing. 


Love, Anouk 































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