AVADEM, a Mystic Shop with handmade Fashion & Accessories, Crystals and Spiritual Tools.

Welcome to AVADEM

I'm on holiday from 19 t/m 27 August! Orders before the 19th will be send directly, but orders after will be send on Monday the 29th.

x On Sunday August 28th we're at Swan Market Utrecht! x

mystic webshop with crystals, gems, jewelry and fashion giftbox comfort is key choose an element, water, air, light, earth
Welcome to AVADEM

W E L C O M E 

In this webshop you'll find clothing, accessories, crystals and spiritual tools for a happy and comfortable life! Comfortable in your clothing, comfortable in your body and your energy. I believe that you can take better care of your body and energy by what you wear or carry with you.

Doing things with all your attention and enjoying life is so important, but sometimes we can use some extra support! That is what I'd like to bring you with AVADEM. All products are handmade or handpicked with lots of love and care. They're full of positive energy and I've thought of everything. For example, I don't use zippers, buttons or any other items that can become an obstacle in your wearing comfort in my fashion items. All fashion is 'loose fit', has simple shapes and is made of the most comfy fabrics. Comfort is key!

The accessories and jewelry are minimalistic, free of nickel and made of natural products like crystals, cotton or wood.  Plus, of every handmade product I only make a few. So they're unique as well! All clothing, accessories and jewelry are divided in 4 collections: Light, Earth, Air and Water. Pick the element that suits you best, or simply browse through all collections..

You'll also find spiritual tools and a big selection of crystals in the AVADEM shop. All beauties from the earth's crust with good energy that make life even more comfortable! Place them somewhere in your home or put them in your pockets and carry them with you. In case you'd want personal advice on crystals or stop by for a Crystal therapy treatment, take a look on the website of the AVADEM Practice (in Dutch). What a crystal-party right!? 

Have fun shopping! Love, Anouk

                                                                                                                                                             Questions? I'll be happy to help! Mail me: info@avadem.com

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necklace AGATE
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necklace DOUBLE MOON
€24.95 €19.95
necklace TRICKLE
€19.95 €14.95
Welcome to AVADEM